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What is holistic healthcare?

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Holistic healthcare is about caring for you as a whole person — providing for your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs. 

To the holistic practitioner, patients are more than their disease and health is more than just a state of not being sick. Wellness is seen as a continuous line including all possible degrees of well-being, from premature death to vibrant health, with the center point representing absence of apparent disease. 

Of course there is always room for improvement even when no illness seems to be present. With its emphasis on preventative care using natural, clinically proven therapies, holistic medicine is ideal for people with no current concerns who want to maximize their present health and limit future potential problems

Holistic medical therapeutics goes beyond simply eliminating symptoms. For example, a conventional remedy for headache is taking an aspirin. This may relieve the immediate pain, but the problem underlying the pain still exists. To the holistic medical doctor, a symptom is merely a message that points to the root issue and indicates its specific treatment.

Holistic healthcare is about developing a strong relationship with a doctor who partners with you as a patient, who can recommend treatments that support your body’s natural healing system. Rather than hand you a one-size-fits-all program, your holistic practitioner will motivate you to make healthier lifestyle choices, and provide you with resources you need -  whether that's educational material, a personalized plan or a referral to a specialist - to achieve and maintain your highest level of wellness

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